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Magnetiskt skärmat ovalt bredbands element. Kan användas till Multi Media och Dolby Surround högtalare och som interna ersättnings högtalare i TV-apparater.
• Rated power:10 W
• Maximum power:15 W
• Nominal impedance Z:8 Ohm
• Frequency response:130–20000 Hz
• Mean sound pressure level:84 dB (1 W/1 m)
• Opening angle (-6 dB):180°/4000 Hz hor.
131°/4000 Hz ver.
• Excursion limit:+/−1.5 mm
• Resonance frequency fs:193 Hz
• Magnetic induction:0.9 T
• Magnetic flux:120 uWb
• Height of front pole-plate:3 mm
• Voice coil diameter:14 mm
• Height of winding:4 mm
• Cutout diameter:43 x 82 mm (oval)
• Net weight:0.214 kg
• D.C. resistance Rdc:7.0 Ohm
• Mechanical Q factor Qms:7.52
• Electrical Q factor Qes:1.5
• Total Q factor Qts:1.25
• Equivalent volume Vas:0.4 l
• Effective piston area Sd:26.5 cm²
• Dynamically moved mass Mms:1.5 g
• Force factor Bxl:2.5 Tm
• Inductance of the voice coil L:0.4 mH
• Temperature range:−25 ... 70 °C